International NDT’s heritage is in 12 years of inspections within the leisure marine industry, under our original banner as Marine Results. Our Marine NDT skills and experience are transferable to all marine structures.

Whether for quality assurance through manufacture, ongoing assurance, enabling risk management to owners, race teams and insurer or damage assessment in the event of unfortunate accidents, International NDT can put together a bespoke package to assess all aspects of NDT for sailing yachts or NDT for motor vessel structure.

Non Destructive Testing for Mast and Rigging – Mast NDT with full coverage or targeted inspections focusing on high load areas provide a baseline understanding of composite mast tubes and composite or metallic rigging while also detecting damages or defects that may develop in service, enabling preventative maintenance.

Non-Destructive Testing for Hull and Structure – The composite sandwich panels of yachts may be monolithic GRP or carbon, or may feature a sandwich type construction including foam, Nomex or Corecell cores. International NDT provides boat NDT techniques for the examination of hulls, topsides, or the internal keel structure, bulkheads and stringers. Bespoke NDT inspection patterns are used to match the level of detail required with a cost effective solution.

Non Destructive Testing for Keels and AppendagesInternational NDT has a strong working knowledge of the main construction methods for composite rudders, daggerboards, foils and DSS type boards along with inspection methods enabling assessment of these parts. We use marine NDT for keel and keel attachment bolts that are being inspected.

Have a look at some of the examples of our marine yacht non destructive testing for mast, keel, boom and structures on our news page. 

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